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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Email Subscription

I know a lot of you follow by email.  We have had some issues with the email subscription.  At first it wasn't working at all and CG spent some time yesterday trying to get it straightened out.  It's working now, for what it's worth.  Blogger has changed what it allows into the feed for the email subscription, and all we are getting now is the first several lines of each new post.  The reason for this is because our posts can be quite large; Like most free feed services, Feedburner (Google's 3rd-party, free service) basically act as a reminder, and you must click over to the main blog for the full post.

If your site uses a free, automatic email service that might not have these restrictions, do let us know. But remember, we usually have 2 posts a day, so make us a daily stop!

If you wish to receive the email subscription, you will have to sign up again using the "Follow by Email" gadget in the sidebar.

Thank you all for being so supportive in our transition to the new blog. Craft on!


  1. Just signed up for your email subscription. Love your site and all that you do to make our lives so much easier. hugs

  2. Thank you. I started following through reader because I thought it was just me!