We, the Paper Playful team of "volunteers", would like to remind everyone that these posts are brought to you in our precious "spare" time.
Many of us have full time jobs & families but willingly give up what little time we have left in our day to bring you updated lists of challenges.
We cannot guarantee to have them done by a specific time of day as life often gets in the way. The challenges we list for you also update at different times of the day.

The VOLUNTEERS of Paper Playful


Challenge Codes

Hi everyone!  Here is an explanation of the codes used in the daily posts:

  • W= challenge runs for 1 week
  • 2W = challenge runs for 2 weeks
  • M = challenge runs for 1 month

  • 1E = maximum of 1 entry per challenge
  • 2E = maximum of 2 entries per challenge
  • 3E = maximum of 3 entries per challenge

  • C10 = combine with no more than 10 challenges (including this one)
  • C15 = combine with no more than 15 challenges (including this one)
  • F = must be a follower
  • JFF = Just For Fun (no winners or top picks)

  • P1 = posted on the 1st of the month
  • P5 = posted on the 5th of the month
  • P15 = posted on the 15th of the month
  • P1/15 = posted on the 1st and 15th of the month
  • P30 = posted on the 30th of the month
  • (and so forth)

  • SIR = special image or product (from a specific vendor) is required
  • SIO = special image or product (from a specific vendor) is encouraged (& may get you an extra entry into a prize draw) but isn't required to enter

  • TBA = to be added (because the information is not yet available on the challenge blog - we may or may not be able to make repeated attempts of revisiting challenge blogs for this information)

We keep our listings as accurate as possible, but often changes occur on the challenge blogs, and we are not notified. Because of this, please remember to double-check rules and requirements on the specific challenge site before entering your project to their challenge to ensure you are complying with the challenge blog rules.

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  1. Thanks for this essential guide to challenges and their abbreviations! ~ Christine xx