We, the Paper Playful team of "volunteers", would like to remind everyone that these posts are brought to you in our precious "spare" time.
Many of us have full time jobs & families but willingly give up what little time we have left in our day to bring you updated lists of challenges.
We cannot guarantee to have them done by a specific time of day as life often gets in the way. The challenges we list for you also update at different times of the day.

The VOLUNTEERS of Paper Playful



Starting up a new Paper Crafting challenge blog? We will help spread the word!  Please sent this to us no more than one month in advance of your challenge starting. 

As coordinators for on-line crafters, we are happy to post your challenges and winners in one convenient place. One coordinators will post your winners; another coordinator will post your challenges. First we ask that you answer the following questions so we may accurately relay your information to your audience.

NOTE: Blogs which are inactive for 6 weeks are deleted from our list unless we are notified.

While we would love to include all on-line crafting challenges, there simply is not enough time or man-power to do that. At this time, only challenges which include Paper Crafting will be listed.

Copy-and-paste the following application into the body of an e-mail and insert your answers, or simply grocery list the pertinent questions, and answer those, and email to:

 1/ Identity:

1A- Name of your challenge:

1B- Name of your blog if it differs from your challenge name. Otherwise, please leave blank:

1C- Blog address (URL):

1D- Your Contact Name & E-mail address in case we need to contact you:

 2/ Posting frequency:

Challenges are posted by the day of the week, or specific dates in the month. Please choose ONE of the following, then specify in 2A and 2B below:

Are your challenges posted on the same day every week or biweekly (for example every Friday)?
Are your challenges posted on the same day every month (M)?
Are your challenges posted on specific DATES, rather than on a specific DAY?

2A- What is the actual posting day-of-the-week or date(s) of the month for your challenges? 

2B- If you are a new challenge blog, when will your first challenge start.

3/ Special Restrictions:

3A- What types of projects are allowed in your challenges?

3B- Does your challenge have any special conditions or restrictions (such as using specific style, certain product, digital-only, rubber-only, specific company)

4/ Participant Entries to your Challenge:

4A- How many entries per challenge are participants allowed to submit?

4B- Are participants permitted to combine their projects to other challenges? If so how many challenges (including yours) can they submit their project to?

Please e-mail your answers to:

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