We, the Paper Playful team of "volunteers", would like to remind everyone that these posts are brought to you in our precious "spare" time.
Many of us have full time jobs & families but willingly give up what little time we have left in our day to bring you updated lists of challenges.
We cannot guarantee to have them done by a specific time of day as life often gets in the way. The challenges we list for you also update at different times of the day.

The VOLUNTEERS of Paper Playful


How Paper Playful Works

Hi! Paper Playful is completely staffed by caring Coordinators.  About 7 volunteers are needed to keep the Playful Playful "machine" oiled and operating efficiently.

Paper Playful was established to help both Paper Crafting Challenge Organizers and their Challenge Participants. Our purpose is to maintain an orderly format so that players can easily see what challenges are currently offered. 

The assigned day was determined when the Challenge Organizer has completed the questionnaire and submitted their Challenge to be added to the Paper Playful listings. Challenges which applied to Paper Playful as being published on Mondays will find their challenges and/or winners published on the requested day.

Many Challenges are posted on specific dates, rather than days. Coordinators follow-up on those Challenges a weekly as well.  These are known as Other Day Challenges.

While we would love to include all on-line crafting challenges, there simply is not enough time or man-power to do that. At this time, only challenges which include Paper Crafting will be listed.

Paper Playful Coordinators give up several hours of their days/weeks to perform this act of charity to the on-line community, but occasionally something comes up, resulting in late postings.

Do you have a regular Challenge which would benefit from being added to Paper Playful? We will gladly advertise your Challenge and Winners at no charge. Just click on the Questionnaire Tab at the top of the blog, copy-and-paste the questionnaire into the body of an e-mail and fill it out, and e-mail to

Attention Challenge Blog Owners: A few suggestions to make our job a little easier:

It takes a lot of time to visit each blog and search through the posts for the Challenge Subject Matter, the dates of the challenge and other details

After visiting the first 5 or 6 challenge blogs, the coordinator can get a little bleary-eyed because each blog has their own way of doing things. We love when Challenge Coordinators:
  • use easy-to-read fonts
  • use a different color font for winners
  • change the size of font for relevant information
Some Challenge sites utilize a single blog for their business, personal and challenge posts. When this occurs, it is often difficult for the Coordinators to sift through all the posts to find the relevant information. We love when Challenge Coordinators:
  • use the tabs on top that say "Current Challenge"
  • or place the information prominently on the blog so our Volunteers can easily find the information
Remember that we are here for you, and want to do a very good job. So if something needs correcting or changing, please let us know right away.

Crafting Hugs,

All of Us at Paper Playful.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do! I've been using your links for ages now so thought it was about time I let you know how much I appreciate the time you save me by doing all the legwork. A very big pat on the back for you all :)

  2. Just found your website!! Such a huuuuge help!! I was just collecting all the bew challenges, i always forget something, i haye when I miss a challenge or forget one :( you do a fantastic job and thank you so much for your effort it is greatly appreciated!

  3. Thank you so much, I found your website from my friend's blog and it's a huge help that I find challenges in so many blog land! thank you so much for all your amazing work and effort!

  4. I came across your blog while just going through random websites.
    What a brilliant idea and so thoughtful of you. Really appreciate your work. Big thanks for all effort you are putting into it

  5. I just found this awesome website! I was so afraid my mojo was going away but since finding this site and doing alot of the challenges, I am up and running again. Thanks!!