We, the Paper Playful team of "volunteers", would like to remind everyone that these posts are brought to you in our precious "spare" time.
Many of us have full time jobs & families but willingly give up what little time we have left in our day to bring you updated lists of challenges.
We cannot guarantee to have them done by a specific time of day as life often gets in the way. The challenges we list for you also update at different times of the day.

The VOLUNTEERS of Paper Playful


Coordinator Duties

Our service is intended for the general on-line crafting community, and is greatly appreciated. Paper Playful Coordinators are from all over the world. If you'd like to lend a hand and join our team, please read the following information and email

What is entailed:

Basically, Challenge Blogs are accessed each day to update new Challenge Themes 

There are dedicated Coordinators for each day of the week, and for “Other Date” Challenges and Winners lists. However, there are Administrative/Organizational duties and substitutes which are also needed. Because Challenge Owners do not always post in the mornings, Paper Playful also needs people dedicated to going back and reviewing the published blog posts to bring those lists up to date.

Sounds more complicated than it is. Mostly, it just takes a special person to visit each blog on their list, and add the pertinent information.

Challenge Coordinators:
  1. New Blog Posts are composed weekly.
  2. Using the Paper Playful dashboard, visit last week’s Challenge Post and “copy-and-paste” last week’s post into a “new” (clean) post.
  3. Create the new Blog Post Title. Add the appropriate Labels.
  4. Challenge Blogs are shown alphabetically, with numbers showing before the “A”s.
  5. Even though Blogger regularly “saves” your work, it is recommended upon occasion to save manually.
  6. Beginning at the top or the bottom (whichever is your preference), begin visiting the Challenge Blogs one at a time to remove the expired Challenge theme, and replace it with the new Challenge theme.
  7. If a visual graphic (like sketch, bingo card, color swatch, etc) is being offered, please put an asterisk next to the new theme on the listing, and then show the graphic at the bottom of your post, in alphabetical order, with a link back to that Challenge Blog immediately under the graphic.
  8. Some Challenge blogs are weekly (W), and the themes change each week. 
  9. Some are bi-weekly (2W), and the themes change every other week.
  10. Some are monthly (M) and change on a specific day of the month, for example, the first Friday of the month. These Challenge owners prefer having their challenges “advertised” every week, so opt for a day-of-the-week, rather than a specific date, which would normally place them on “Other Dates”.
  11. Sometimes the themes are not in plain sight. They might appear in a side bar, or tab, or contain a clickable link to a specific post. It is acceptable to make small notes for your use on your blog posts. Many of your notes will be helpful to Paper Player followers, too.
  12. When all the Challenges have been updated on your post, take a look in PREVIEW to confirm that your post is completed properly. Then click on PUBLISH.
  13. Sometimes Challenge Owners are unable to publish their new challenges before you visit their blog. When that happens, please use the letters TBA (to be announced) in the slot where the theme should appear. If you have TBAs on your post, please go back and check them one more time before publishing. Sometimes they are updated while you are writing your post.
  14. Please be sure to add the appropriate labels before publishing your post (these are found in the right column while your post is in draft mode)

Other Date Coordinators:

  1. Your responsibilities are essentially the same as the Day-of-the-Week coordinators. However, because the dates are specific to the Month (like the 1st of the month, or the 5th, 15th, 21st, 30th etc.), follow-ups are done on specific days.
  2. Paper Playful Other Date Winners Blog Posts are posted on the following dates: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd.
  3. Paper Playful Other Date Challenges Blog Posts are posted on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd.
  4. The LIST of Other Date Challenges is posted alphabetically, with numbers showing before the “A”s.
  5. It is advisable to make notes beside each Challenge Name to help you perform follow-ups in a timely manner. There are samples of notes shown above. For the specific follow-up date, Paper Playful uses the abbreviation of “P” for “posts on” and a number “1” or “5” (etc) to indicate the actual date.
  6. Please be sure to add the appropriate labels before publishing your post (these are found in the right column while your post is in draft mode)

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