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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Email Subsciptions

For some reason our email subscription is not working.  We believe it is cause our posts are so  long.  CG has been working on it but at this point it still isn't working.  When we get it working we will let everyone know.

If anyone has experience with fixing "size limit" issues in Feedburner, please leave a comment or contact CG directly: CGsaysSomethingLoudly AT gmail DOT com. Your help would be much appreciated!

AN UPDATE August 3 2013...This morning I received an email from the email subscription.  It only had this post and the 2 Other date postings.  It did not have the Friday winners and challenges.  And what I did get was VERY limited.  Just enough to let me know there was a new post.  I am assuming I only got what was posted after CG tweaked the code..yet again.  Sorry to say this may be all we get.  Better than nothing.  

AN UPDATE August 5, should see a difference in the email on Tuesday.  I *think* you will get the entire post in the email subscription.  At least I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed.



  1. Hooray, I just got an e-mail notification this morning showing this particular posting! :-D

  2. I finally got these updates from bloglovin, so something is working now!

  3. I really miss you in my mailbox! Hope you'll be back soon.