As the holidays approach, please keep in mind our volunteers may be late with posts as they spent time with their families and friends. It has always been our policy that family comes first.

I would like to take this time to thank our wonderful volunteers. Without them, Paper Playful would not be able to bring the lists of challenges and winners to you each day.

Merry Christmas
(or Happy holidays if that is your preference)


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We, the Paper Playful team of "volunteers", would like to remind everyone that these posts are brought to you in our precious "spare" time.
Many of us have full time jobs & families but willingly give up what little time we have left in our day to bring you updated lists of challenges & winners.
We cannot guarantee to have them done by a specific time of day as life often gets in the way. The challenges we list for you also update at different times of the day.
Please understand that the volunteers come from all corners of the globe & late in the day with one person may be early in the day for another! Remember also, the time we spend updating these posts for you is time we could be crafting!
We are human & although we do our very best, we can sometimes make mistakes. Please forgive us for this!

The VOLUNTEERS of Paper Playful


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hi there, Alica here  with Tuesday's List of Winners! I'm taking these over after Shell.
A big congratulation to all winners, especially to Paper Playful followers!
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